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Marlow Walk of Life

The Marlow Walk of Life is now a reality! We have laid a beautiful new brick pathway through the redesigned community garden at Christ Church URC, Oxford Road, Marlow, and many people have also taken the opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved one, or a big event such as a new baby or anniversary, by having a dedication of their choice engraved on a paver.


Although the path has been laid, we can still 'retrofit' other engraved bricks and will do so in batches as orders come in.


For a minimum £60 donation you can help enhance a beautiful public space as well as creating a lasting reminder of someone or something special to you. Apply now by downloading the brochure and editable application form below.


Engraved brick.jpg


This is a project of Christ Church URC but the garden is for the community of Marlow to use.


For any questions or more information, see the brochure or email

More pictures of the work in 2021 to create the Walk of Life, and the first phase carried out in 2020 to create a new entrance to the garden and install a water bottle filler

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