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Help for the Kharkiv military hospital

Our help reached the Kharkiv military hospital! Thank you to everyone who contributed organizationally/filling/packing/financially.

Hygiene products, sanitizers, socks, underwear, T-shirts, tea/coffee/sweets, sports shorts/trousers, rubber slippers - all this and much more was sent to Ukraine for the Kharkiv Military Hospital.

On June 4, a traditional prayer for Ukraine was shared at the weekly Vigil for Ukraine in the Christ church URC Marlow garden. For peace, for life. After the prayer, Rev David Downing presented a report on sending humanitarian aid to Ukraine via our partners in Poland and on a recent trip to Poland and the city of Lviv, Ukraine by a group from the Aid for Ukraine project. Tea, coffee and real Lviv cheesecake created an atmosphere of Ukrainian-British hospitality. Tombola prizes were also drawn. 

In the photo:

prayer for Ukraine

presentation of the humanitarian trip

Maria helps with the drawing of tickets.

We support Ukraine

Prayer vigils in the church garden, every Sunday 4pm (no longer on Fridays). 


Collection of goods for Ukraine, Fridays  10am – 12noon, Sundays 4.15 -5pm

A new batch of humanitarian aid went to Lviv
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An angel for a warrior

We gather together and make various crafts for our warriors.
We are waiting for everyone every Saturday at 11:00 a.m. in the usual place where we hold our creative meetings every Saturday. Youth Center Maidenhead SL6 7YR.
For 2-3 hours, we put our work into the "Angel for a Warrior" project.
Friendly communication, exchange of information, support of everyone and ourselves, a pleasant tea party - this is what is needed on Saturday!

Ukrainians collect aid for a military hospital in Kharkiv

Ukrainians are constantly helping the Ukrainian military.

Organized collection of warm clothes and bed linen for hospital patients.

"Thank you to everyone who participated in the collection of linen and warm clothes for the Kharkiv hospital. Items are scheduled to be shipped on Monday, February 6, 2022. You can still join! We still need candles and flashlights" - Tatyana

Relief supplies for Ukraine being loaded on truck two on 9th May 2022

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