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Serving our neighbour and the community

We are called as Christians to love and serve our neighbour. Living out this challenge leads us sometimes to unexpected places.


Individually, many of our members are engaged in local projects in the town, including Marlow Age Concern and the local Rotary. As a church, we fundraise for local (and national) charities, collect food and clothing for One Can Trust and Wycombe Homeless Connection, lend a hand where we can to Marlow Refugee Action and, during the pandemic, baked cakes for NHS frontline staff as part of 'Operation Wingman'. We also support the annual 'Lighthouse' ecumenical summer event for children in Marlow, and have been involved twice in visits to Calais to help with the refugee response there. As mentioned elsewhere, we have been supporting a community in Zimbabwe since 2010 and since February 2022 we have been running an Aid for Ukraine project in collaboration with our sister church, Maidenhead URC.

In 2019, before the pandemic, we also ran a Volunteering Fair at Christ Church to help local charities reach out to the public and try to find new volunteers to help in their work.  Following an approach from some of the voluntary organisations who took part in the fair, we organised a brainstorming session at church on recruiting volunteers in October 2023 which was attended by representatives of local community organisations as well as representatives from Community Impact Bucks and Marlow Town Council. The pictures show some of our activities.


Witnessing to Marlow


As a small church, it is not easy to 'speak' to a whole community about your faith. And, in truth, we may not be the world's best when it comes to talking about what it means to us. The big word is 'evangelising' - but we probably don't either say it or do it as much as we should.


For all that, we try to tell Marlow about us and about Jesus. We try to show what we are about and we try to do it through practical action. So we have regularly taken part in community events, run stalls in the park, or invited local people to activities that we put on. We also have been contributors over recent years to the 'Faith Matters' programme on Marlow FM. Through such means, and through this website, we hope that people will see and hear something of us, and perhaps want to know more!



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