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Friends in Zimbabwe

For over a decade, Christ Church has supported a group of sculptors called Artpeace in Zimbabwe. The link passes through a member of another URC, who has most loyally and persistently championed their cause over the years and tried to find ways to help them.


Our first step on this road was in 2010 when we hosted an exhibition of the sculptors' work at Christ Church, turning our building into a gallery and raising almost £20,000 to send to them. Sadly, since then, economic and political circumstances have spiralled down and down in Zimbabwe. The sculptors can no longer sell to tourists, as that business has all-but dried up, and they have been forced into desperate poverty.


In recent years we have helped by sending funds for buying seed maize and fertiliser, tools, or to meet other practical needs. In return, when they can, Artpeace send us pictures, news updates and prayers of thanks.


While they are far away, and we have never met them, they are our friends.
Read their latest news (
 May 2024) here.

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